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Luni, 28 Octombrie 2013 14:53

Mesaje in engleza de Halloween


Sarbatoarea de Halloween se apropie! Traim intr-o lume globala iar limba engleza este cea care simplifica comunicarea intre diferite natiuni. Va oferim o colectie de mesaje de Halloween in engleza care va pot servi ca sursa de inspiratie pentru a crea niste mesaje originale sau le puteti trimite asa cum sunt printr-un simplu sms sau in mediul virtual tuturor celor dragi. De asemenea, le puteti posta ca status la avatar pe retelele de socializare: google+, facebook, messenger, twitter, digg etc.


A cheerful greating to my friend, a charm that’s certain to defend against all spooks and goblins.


A Halloween merry, a Halloween bright,

Though pumpkins make faces

And ghosts walk at night,

Let no noises scare you and don’t start to run.

For ‘tis but a joke, and Halloween fun.


Bats flying in the trees. Waiting to become true vampires. Run, people, run.


Be sure to get your Jack o’lantern out for Halloween night witches walk about.


Candy apples and candy corn. Dead zombies waiting to mourn. Living souls about to be torn. By scary costumes kids have worn.


Hearts for love, diamond for riches, spades for lands and clubs for witches. Courage for Halloween.


Hold your candle steady

And keep a sharp lookout

For back among yhe shadows

You’ll see goblins peeping out.


If you are reading this then are blissfully unaware of what is creeping up behind you.


If you want a teasty sweet … be sure to holler Trick or Treat.


May Halloween frolics engage you to-night and your future by witches predicted be bright.


May the fairies of Halloween bring you your every wish.


O’ let us cast dull care away. Again be children for a day. Witches, goblins have their sway. This Halloween let’s joke and play.


On Halloween if you hear a noise don’t stop and look behind you because there’s lots of awful things that’d just be glad to find you.


On Halloween well steal the gate and kilter everything that’s straight.


On Halloween your slightest wish

Is likely to come true,

So be careful, or the gobelins

Will spoil your wish for you.


On this night, of which I sing, Jack o’lantern is the king. His throne is made of looking glass. To see your future, as you pass.


Strange sound are heard, strange sights are seen upon this night of Halloween. If it’s my fate to see an elf I hope twill be your very self!


The highest expectations for Halloween.


Trick or treat, gine me something good to eat. Crackers, fruit will not do, give me candy, I want two! Candy, candy give me four. Candy, candy I want more.


This maiden here is dancing with

A bogie man of fabled myth,

But oh – how happy I would be

If Halloween you’d dance with me.


Use your imagination not to scare yourself to death but to inspire yourself to life. Adele Brookman


Wishing you a jolly Halloween with scarey sights and “thrillers” to be seen.


Wishing you all a Jolly Halloween.


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